Charlotte, N.C., Windustrial Opens to Serve the Carolinas

DAYTON, Ohio. May 9, 2013 - WinWholesale and the Win Group of Companies extended its presence in Charlotte, N.C., with the opening of Charlotte Windustrial to provide contractors, fabricators and original equipment manufacturers with pipe, valves and fittings.

The company joins Charlotte Winnelson, which opened in April, and Noland Company serving the area. In addition to the Charlotte area, the new Windustrial company serves the rest of the state and South Carolina. The president is Brian Clark who has PVF wholesale market experience in Charlotte, Upstate New York and the Los Angeles area.

WinWholesale, one of the largest distributors in the United States, is the majority shareholder in Charlotte Windustrial. It provides the company with support services such as accounting, payroll, IT and marketing.

"We're pleased Brian Clark has joined us to expand our presence in the important Charlotte market with a Windustrial company," said Monte Salsman, WinWholesale chief operating officer. "He serves a diverse group of customers that will welcome his products and dedication to service."

Contact information:
Phone: 855-946-7473
Fax: Also 855-946-7473
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