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Winsupply Philosophy

From its beginning in 1956, Winsupply Inc. and its corporate predecessor, Primus, have embraced a philosophy based on helping capable, hard-working individuals who are interested in starting a wholesale business. Winsupply wants individuals who have enough entrepreneurial courage and belief in their own capabilities to risk their money for rewards, but may lack some of the general business and financial knowledge or capital resources to compete successfully in today's wholesale markets.

Winsupply believes that ownership is a powerful motivator for success and can provide tremendous economic rewards.

Winsupply creates wholesaling ventures with local Win company presidents and their employees that provide all invested parties with mutually profitable ownership opportunities. The result of these ownership opportunities — the Win Family of Companies — is a collection of wholesale distribution companies operated by entrepreneurs who are backed up by the resources Winsupply provides.

Winsupply’s corporate vision is that each of these companies be recognized by its customers, vendors, employees and competitors as the premier wholesale distributor in its market.

Winsupply has fundamental beliefs that define the Winsupply Business Philosophy. These include:

1. Local Win Company management must own a meaningful part of their company. Winsupply believes that the same entrepreneurial spirit and ownership opportunities the organization was founded upon still should drive it.

2. Success and accomplishment await the local Win company president who properly manages his or her own company and willingly accepts complete responsibility for it. The president's authority is limited only by the proper governance of the company's board of directors.

Against this rare independence and above-average compensation that comes with it, the company, whether a local Win company, the Noland Company or a Noland branch, or any other wholesaler in which Winsupply has a significant joint-ownership position, must recognize the influence and objectives of the national Winsupply organization. In return, Winsupply provides the backing of its national organization, which includes:

  • capital,
  • experienced business advisors,
  • premier business services with a special concentration on information technology, supported back office operations and
  • highly competitive inventory buying power.

3. Successful wholesalers tend to follow the same operational “patterns,” doing roughly the same things at the same time, whether daily, monthly or annually. Winsupply delivers the pattern management concept through its common set of operational procedures. Winsupply then cements the pattern management concept through the computer systems, office automation and workflow methods that it provides all local Win supply companies.

4. Wholesaling is a "local" business whose success is built on establishing and maintaining strong customer relationships. The local wholesaler's name, its reputation and its president's credibility are what matters in the local market.

5. Winsupply's role is to establish and protect the overall policies and standards for the Win organization.The entire Winsupply national organization exists not only to help the local wholesalers be profitable, but to be more profitable than they could be on their own.

Minimizing expenses is one of Winsupply's most important beliefs. Experience has taught Winsupply that over a period of time, keeping expenses low often is the difference between profitability and failure in wholesaling.

Winsupply believes it has an obligation to create and promote ways in which local Win companies can provide feedback. Winsupply knows that good communication is key.