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The potential for ownership separates WinWholesale from other companies

For Greg Jackson, president of Dayton Windustrial Company (Ohio), the Spirit of Opportunity has been a life changing experience. “It turned me from a kid with no direction into a person vitally interested in where his company was going. The direction the company was going was basically the direction my life was going and changed every aspect of it.” Greg recalled.

Working in the WinWholesale organization and having the opportunity to work his way up into company ownership is a vastly different experience from his high school and college peers, Greg said. The experience molded him as a person.

“So much of that molding has taken place because of the people I’ve been lucky enough to be associated with at WinWholesale who are success stories and pushed me new directions that were the right way to go,” Greg explained.

Because of this experience, Greg sees it as his job to pass on the Spirit of Opportunity legacy to others. “I want to give what was given to me (opportunity) back to the people who deserve it, want it and have the ability to pursue it” he explained. “The most satisfying part of the job is handing the legacy down and getting someone into a successful new company. That’s what we strive to do.”

The potential for ownership spells the difference

The biggest difference in working in the WinWholesale organization and other companies is the potential for ownership, which is a great motivator, according to Greg. He believes that most people want to work and collect a paycheck, but at WinWholesale everyone is attached to the Spirit of Opportunity. “Even if you’re not going to own your own company, at least you can move up in the company where you work,” Greg said.

Whether a person aspires to be a Win company president or not, being part of the WinWholesale organizations requires hard work to succeed. According to Greg, the type of person who does well at a Win company regardless of the job is one who wants to learn, grow and will work hard to achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter what a person’s background is, he said, or who you are – high school or college graduate. The organization allows – even forces – people to grow.

Greg worked his way up in the company

Greg has experienced all of this first hand. In 1982 he started as a truck driver at Dayton Windustrial. The small staff at that time required him to progress fast by doing several jobs in rapid succession, some at the same time. Besides driving, he worked in shipping and receiving, inside and outside sales. He took on more and more duties, including marketing and learning and building the business.

In 1992, he decided to start Cincinnati Windustrial. After a year he was asked to return to Dayton Windustrial as president to lead the company. He sold his interest in the Cincinnati company and concentrated on growing Dayton Windustrial, which has grown each year since then.

It takes a team to make a successful company

But it takes more than the president to make a company successful. If a company president thinks he or she can do it all, they’re doomed to failure, Greg said. The one thing that made Dayton Windustrial successful is the people in the company Greg has surrounded himself with over the years, he said.

“Hardly anyone leaves the company. I try to be fair to people and everyone feels like we’re a team here. Every one of us knows how important our particular job is to get the goal accomplished,” Greg said. “I give employees direction and the tools to do their jobs and grow. Then I let them do it.”

If you’re thinking toward the future about opening a Win company, you may have what it takes. While you’re thinking about that, Greg has some closing thoughts that sum up the Spirit of Opportunity.

“Being a president takes some time and effort to make these things work,” Greg said referring to successful Win companies. “It’s not a 9 to 5 job. You’re not always going to have your weekends to yourself. There are going to be times when you have to sacrifice for the good of the company to make it successful. But all that work in the short term can pay huge benefits in the long term. It’s probably the greatest opportunity a person will have in their life, and if you work hard at it, great things will happen to you and those you surround yourself with.”