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Jeff Porter: A family committed to helping people prosper in their careers

At WinWholesale it’s possible for anyone to grab The Spirit of Opportunity according to Jeff Porter. As a WinWholesale employee for 15 years, Jeff is qualified to judge what it takes to work for the company and succeed – whether it’s at one of the 550 local companies across the country or in the corporate organization.

"WinWholesale is not only a place for opportunity, but it’s a family committed to helping people prosper in their careers," said Jeff, operations director for WinWholesale Sourcing Services. WSS is responsible for product management and the company’s national distribution network supplying local companies with products. "The opportunities are endless for those willing to work hard and are dedicated to their job," he said.

Advancement opportunities and local company ownership potential

Jeff oversees WinWholesale’s four large product distribution centers around the country as well as purchasing and inventory management. It’s been a 15-year record of career progression leading to his current position.

It all began during his college days at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. There he majored in industrial distribution management. He took his first job after graduation with WinWholesale as operations manager for its Electronics Distribution Buying Association in Dayton, Ohio.

"One of the reasons I chose WinWholesale over offers from other companies was the advancement opportunities and local company ownership potential. Also, there was a deep support structure from the corporate to local company level," Jeff explained.

It was a good choice for Jeff and WinWholesale. He was with the buying association three years before becoming the assistant manager at the company’s Denver regional distribution center (RDC) from 1998 until 2003. Then the manager’s job at the Dayton RDC became available, and he was selected for the job.

During that time WinWholesale built a new Dayton RDC. Jeff was the point person as the 200,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility took shape and began operation in 2005.

Managing a regional distribution center carries much responsibility

Managing an RDC is a plum job at WinWholesale that carries a load of responsibility managing the workflow, people and outbound and inbound shipments. "The RDCs provide quality products and service to local companies and assist them and the WinWholesale organization to be profitable," Jeff explained about his job. "We help local companies to be profitable by enabling them to increase their inventory turns and reduce transaction costs by being a one-stop shop."

Jeff received a promotion in 2007 to RDC operations manager overseeing all WinWholesale distribution centers. One of the challenges in that job is perfection, he said. "We constantly strive for perfection and want every order to be perfect – priced right, complete, accurate and delivered on time to local companies."

Those challenges have been met by streamlining processes in every RDC to ensure accuracy and quick turnaround on outbound shipments. WinWholesale also built "top-notch" teams in the RDC network. For example, during a typical month that the four RDCs process hundreds of thousands of products for shipping, the order selection accuracy is well over 99.9 percent, Jeff said.

In 2009 Jeff was given the added responsibility of overseeing the RDC purchasing and inventory management functions when he received the latest promotion to WSS operations director.

Jeff’s success story is not unique in WinWholesale

Jeff’s story of accomplishment and career progression is not necessarily unique in WinWholesale. He understands how to be successful, whether it’s working in one of the local companies or in the corporate organization. "I worked very, very hard, was dedicated to the job and fortunate enough to be surrounded by knowledgeable people," he said.

Yet, success at WinWholesale is not reserved for a select few. "In my mind, anyone can succeed at Win if they want it bad enough," Jeff said. "I’ve heard so many stories of people starting by sweeping floors in the warehouse or driving trucks, and now they’re successful Win local company presidents."

There are also many other jobs leading to successful WinWholesale careers such as dock supervisors, inventory analysts, IT workers, accountants, customer service representatives, warehouse workers, office managers and sales people.

Regardless of the job – at WinWholesale or anywhere else – Jeff believes there’s a formula for personal success. "I’ve always said you have to have a good work ethic and a passion to succeed," he offered. "The way to do that is to set short term and long term goals. Ask yourself where you want to be in one year and five years, then develop a plan to get there."

At WinWholesale, you can add to Jeff’s formula: Grab The Spirit of Opportunity and go for it.