Winsupply’s Shared Ownership Model Could Be the Right Opportunity for You

You may have always known you wanted to be a business or franchise owner. Maybe you’ve searched high and low for the franchise opportunity that lines up with your skills and interests, or that’s doable with the money you have to invest.

Through Winsupply’s Spirit of Opportunity Program, we offer passionate, hardworking people the opportunity to share in the ownership of a company and run it. We call this the “Winning Combination” because it provides a WIN: WEALTH potential, INDEPENDENCE that comes with running a business and the NATIONAL strength of a leading wholesale distributor.

Although not a franchise, Winsupply offeres its local owners comprehensive training and support, robust IT systems, proven processes, monthly financial reporting and more that help you run a solid business.

The opportunity could change your life.

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Win Company Equity Partnership Program for Experienced Professionals

Our unique shared ownership business model, which provides true ownership opportunity at the location level, allows you to obtain equity in the profit center operation that you manage. This means that, in a sense, you are working for yourself, with ample opportunity to build equity in the business as well as receive salary and incentive. But, you also have the advantage of being part of one of the country’s largest wholesaling organizations, with professional support and buying power. This rare combination of entrepreneurial autonomy with typical big company benefits can provide you with an unparalleled opportunity for success.

As an experienced supply house owner, manager or other professional in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, waterworks or industrial products wholesale distribution industry, you may qualify for direct placement as a WinWholesale local company president.

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Field Opportunities for Experienced Professionals

You may be seeking an excellent employment opportunity that is more traditional in nature to leverage your experience in Warehousing, Purchasing, Inside Sales, Showroom Sales, Outside Sales or Management. With over 460 locations across the USA, you can be sure there is a great opportunity out there. And, the opportunity for shared ownership can be there for you as well should your aspirations begin to lean in that direction.

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Field Opportunities for Entry Level Candidates

You have completed your formal studies and are looking for a way to apply what you learned in school and learn even more. And, you may be wondering whether a typical corporate job will provide the challenge and responsibility you seek. We can’t speak to the notion of a typical corporate job, but we can tell you about our unique career options.

You can earn a very good living as a WIN company employee working in Outside Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse Management or Showroom Sales. Later, you may decide that your entrepreneurial side needs to show itself and you may want to explore the shared ownership program for WIN company presidents.

As a WIN company president you can earn salary, incentive and dividends while you build up the value of your investment in the business you manage. It’s like being in business for yourself but with a lot more help and a much greater chance of success.

Find out about WinWholesale's available job opportunities and apply.